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What to do in Helsinki?

What to do in Helsinki

Finnish capital is a mid sized city, that comes really alive during the summer months. Plenty of opportunities for sightseeing in the city core as well as nice daytrips into the countryside. The city nightlife is lively in the summertime, particularly during weekends. Here are some tips.


Suomenlinna. The fortress islands of Suomenlinna (Sveaborg in Swedish) were built during the Swedish period, in the mid-1700’s, as part of a line of defensive outposts along the southern coast of Finland. Suomenlinna is a highly popular place for picnics or a nice day out in the summer.

The islands have several museums, such as the only surviving Finnish submarine. You can also find restaurants and cafés dotted around the islands, among them the Suomenlinna Brewery. There is also a beach, so you may consider going for a swim if the weather is nice.

There is a ferry service to and from Suomenlinna from the Market Square. The ferry is part of the municipal transport system.


Seurasaari open-air museum. Seurasaari is another island museum which features old wooden buildings transplanted from all over Finland in a forested environment. Seurasaari is a popular retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Adjacent to the Seurasaari proper is the Pukkisaari Iron-age village, where one can sometimes spot Vikings going about their daily business and maintaining their famous boats. Bus number 24 from the city centre takes you directly to the museum.


Ateneum. An art museum with a focus on Finnish works from the last 300 years, and some international art.


Kiasma. Modern art museum.


Korkeasaari. The Helsinki Zoo.


The National Museum of Finland. The National Museum of Finland shows the history of Finland from the neolithic age to the present time. The museum also hosts a modest collection of arms and armour.


The War Museum. The Finnish War museum displays collections of war related items from the past several centuries. The exhibitions rotate, so be sure to check the museum’s website. The museum is situated on the islands of Suomenlinna.


Other sights

Nuuksio National Park. Within easy reach of the Finnish capital you can escape into wild natural settings and enjoy typically Finnish scenery, with lovely lakes, green forests and rugged crags. Pack your backpack for a memorable family picnic or campout., in the nature scenes from the hit film Kamome Shakudo. The nearby Finnish Nature Centre Haltia spotlights the best of Finland’s natural treasures from across the country.


Linnanmäki. Finland’s biggest amusement park. Lots of rides and other fun things to do. Accessible by tram number 3 (main gate), 1 and 8 (south gate) and bus 23.


Market square. The traditional market square hosts a multitude of stalls selling fresh produce and seafood. There are restaurants and cafés where you can catch that genuine Finnish market feeling. Open during daytime. The market square is in the heart of Helsinki, next to the oldest part of the city. The ferry to Suomenlinna leaves from the east end of the market square.

Restaurants, bars and nightlife

Helsinki is home to a large number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, with the densest concentration in the central district. Many venues offer live music, especially during the weekend, and many bars have outdoors seating. You can find a wide diversity of various ethnic foods. Check out Helsinki this week for more information: